Why Homes Don't Sell?

Unfortunately, some sellers don’t take the process seriously thinking there are buyers everywhere. It depends on the market, it changes and you need to be aware of that before thinking on selling your house. First ask your agent for a market analysis in the area. That’ll help you to have an idea about prices of properties recently sold, recently in the market, dates on the market, prices of properties nearby and lots of more information.

Pictures are extremely important. Lots of properties lose the opportunity to be sold because bad picture taken, or just few of them are exposed. Make sure your Real Estate Agent take the best pictures of your house before download them in the website. Buyers will consider to go to see a house if the pictures show what they are looking for.

Do repairs. Some properties just need paint or little here and there before to put the sign For Sale. Remember you need to get your home ready for buyers. You’ll get an offer faster if the house is in good and safe conditions. Your house is not the only one in the market, you have competition, for that reason get the house ready properly and you’ll see results.

Three Key places you want looking the best in your house are kitchen, bathrooms and family area. If your budget is limit, focus in this 3 areas.